The First of Many


So the text that was on here before I took it off stated that I could use this as my way to tell you all why I decided to start this blog. So, I’m taking the suggestion and going for it. My mother and I have talked about this site not too long ago, and I finally decided to go ahead and start voicing out because there are so many things going on in the previous and upcoming days that so many people are blind to.

The truth is, everyone has a voice. It may be small, but one voice can touch someone and they carry it on to the next, which in turn causes it to grow. I’ve begun the journey of finding mine, and now I want to share it by posting the things that I come to realize as I continue on with my researching.

My research has consisted of delving into government, religion, the Elite, what’s going on with the earth, science, etc. The topic that has caught my attention more than the rest has been the topic of the Illuminati. People speak out about the idea of the Illuminati being extinct, and what they aren’t quite grasping the concept of is, the Illuminati wasn’t a race of people that just died off. It was a type of religion. Religion doesn’t just vanish without any traces, especially not in this day and age because you can find ANYTHING on the internet, and any person can begin practices of any religion freely. I’ll get into a more detailed portion of that in another blog, along with other blogs on the topics I stated before.

To those of you who take the time to read this, I thank you and pass it on. Please. Too many of us are asleep and it’s time to wake up.